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Photography Corrections & Restorations

Photography, as we know it, started in the 1800's. It has come a long way in that time! Have you taken a photo that you love, but the lighting is off? Or a beloved family members old photo is damaged? VZL Designs can help you!


Images in motion can tell many stories. Sometimes it’s a happy story – sometimes it’s a sad story – sometimes a peak into a creative mind kind of story – sometimes a peak into a building for sale. These are some of the videos I have created for those various reasons. Do you have a story you would like told with your images? Send them to VZL Designs and check out our YouTube.com channel for the others we have created.

Print Items

The evolution of the Internet has caused an elimination of printed items. Almost everything is available on-line. There are still ways to promote a business or event using business cards, coupons and flyers that can be handed out or e-mailed. They all need to be created and VZL Designs is here to help!

Fun Stuff

When you have a creative mind you just need to create interesting things. Thankfully, I have an outlet for my creative for the ideas in my use of programs and the skills I continue to sharpen.

Website Building & Maintenance

Those ads on the radio and television make website building sound so easy! That’s not always the case. Or you get the site built; your company takes off and there’s no time to maintain it. Which ever is the case, VZL Designs can help you build or maintain your site!

Rainbow Bridge

As a pet lover the “Rainbow Bridge” poem has always been very close to my heart. While I’ve never had a child, butI have had several fur-children and when they pass it can be quite devastating.

Here you will find some of the images I created as a remembrance for family and friends that have lost a pet.