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Photo Restorations

Do you have photos of your grandparents or great grandparents? Have they been damaged over the years? I would love to restore the images for you and your family to enjoy for many years to come. These are some old photos that have been damaged. Corrections have been painstakingly made to restore the photos while retaining their authentic aged appearance.

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Elvira Tubbs

Someone really didn’t like either Mrs. Elvira Tubbs, or just this image! Specific instructions came with this photograph. It had to remain the exact same size so that it could be replaced in the original frame. And the coloring couldn’t change so that she matched her husband’s photo.

Mrs. Tubbs was by far my most challenging attempt at restoration. After she was repaired one family member thanked me, saying, “Thank you for returning her to humanity.” Mrs. Tubbs now hangs out on the wall next to her husband.

1800’s Family

This image came to me mounted on a piece of press board. The edges were banged up a bit and there were scratches and spots throughout.

I removed the scratches, removed the crease marks and filled in the edges. Their family is happy with the restoration.

Early 1900’s Children

How brave the family was to attempt a photograph with young children, knowing that they needed to stay still for a minute or so. These children seemed to have been well behaved, however there were some rough edges and flecks throughout the image.

 1940’s Baby

This image of a baby was creased and had various spots and scratches. 

1960’s Baby

This image was a tricky one. The couch the baby is sitting on is two toned and some of the image was also actually rubbed away.

Photo Modifications

Sometimes you can take a photo without realizing there is something in the background that takes away from the image. Here are some examples of modifications I’ve made to images for customers.

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A friend took this great photo of this vulture in flight. But, it almost flew off the screen. So, he emailed it to me to place the bird more in center.

Almost a Kiss

This is a lovely image of a bride and groom. The corral fencing just didn’t go with this beautiful couple, so I removed it.

Zimbabwe Baobab Tree

The client took this photo using the jeep to show the size of the Baobab tree. However, when he returned home, he realized that he wish he had also taken one without the jeep. I fixed that for him. Now he has it framed in his office.

Antiqued Deck

While the Restorations above shows how I can fix old photos. This shows I can take a new photo and make it look old.

Anacortes, Washington – Tree Lined Trail

I took this photo while on vacation in Anacortes, Washington. While it’s a beautiful trail to drive in a car, I thought it might look better as a dirt path.

Birmingham Male Lion

Twice a day I watch a live African safari online. This is a screen shot from the June 4th safari on www.wildsafairlive.com  of one of the Birmingham Male Lions. I thought he was such a handsome guy that I picked up my “digital paintbrush” and painted him.

Timothy O’Christopher aka Timi

Timi was my sweet Shetland sheepdog. In 2002, he went to the Rainbow Bridge, where I’m sure he’s keeping everyone in order. I’ve always loved photo of him. So, I picked up my “digital color pencils” and made a sketch.